Top 10 Black Female Attorneys You Should Know


Fordham Law alumna Lenore Horton ’10 (LL.M. in international law and justice) has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Black Female Attorneys by Black Enterprise.


With over a decade of career experience, Horton has worked at top-tier firms on securities and hedge fund matters, earned a second law degree—an LL.M. in International Law & Justice—and served as a visiting professor internationally on business and human rights issues. While it’s common for “big law” attorneys to work on matters involving $100+ million, it’s rare for that to continue after an attorney leaves big law to establish their own firm—but that’s exactly what Horton did.

Throughout her busy schedule, Horton managed to take time off to serve as full-time CEO for a venture that she co-invested in, which gave her a unique perspective on the frustrations and challenges startups face, and what they need from legal counsel. Currently, Horton’s representation involves handling international deals with public companies worth over $100 million, which is not atypical. At the same time, she and her team also handle pro-bono and low-fee matters for aspiring entrepreneurs.


See the full list here. 


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