America’s Lost Anti-Corruption History


Fordham Law professors Jed Shugerman and Zephyr Teachout spoke with NPR’s On the Media about the history of the Emoluments Clause and its relevance to President Trump’s business entanglements.

The problem, according to law professor Jed Shugerman, is that without access to Donald Trump’s tax documents, it’s impossible to know the full extent of his financial dealings — and thus difficult to move forward on any potential corruption charges. Bob talks with Shugerman about a legal strategy that could bring Trump’s entanglements into the light.

But according to Zephyr Teachout, author of Corruption in America, this was never what America’s founders envisioned when they set out to fight corruption. Brooke talks with Teachout about the overwhelming passion for anti-corruption present at the founding of the nation, the “bright line” rules it inspired, and how we have drifted so far from our original understanding of the concept.


Listen to the full podcast.


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