Coalition for Debtor Education Hosts Student Loan Forum


The Coalition for Debtor Education at Fordham Law presented “Student Loans: Don’t Major in Debt,” a forum held at the School June 9 to discuss critical student loan issues through the perspective of financial literacy. Topics included making informed decisions for college financing and managing debt after school is completed.

Speakers included Karen Gross, President, Southern Vermont College and 2014 Friend of the Consumer Honoree; Stephen Brown, Assistant Dean of Enrollment Services, Fordham Law School; Wilbert M. Van Der Kaauw, NY Federal Reserve; and Hofstra Law School Professor Norman I. Silber.

“The seminar could not have been timelier, given President Obama’s announcement yesterday about the expansion of student loan programs,” said Coalition for Debtor Education Executive Director Carol O’Rourke. “The distinguished panel offered insights and ideas for individuals as well as institutions to address the mounting challenges of student debt, further demonstrating Fordham Law’s reputation as a leading source of consumer financial education.”


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