Springing into Symposia


The Journal of Corporate and Financial Law and the Fordham Corporate Law Center kicked off the spring symposia season on February 9 with “The Changing Face of Corporate Compliance and Corporate Governance.” The keynote address was delivered by Thomas C. Baxter, Jr., the General Counsel and Executive Vice President of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

On February 20, the Fordham Environmental Law Review and the Wildlife Conservation Society teamed up to present “The Call of the Wild: Legal Responses to Wildlife Conservation in the 21st Century.” Professors from nearly ten law schools collaborated with professionals working in the conservation field to discuss the international treaties and laws implemented to protect endangered species and provide information on domestic approaches made to protect local wildlife. John Calvelli from the Wildlife Conservation Society moderated the talk “The Ivory Crisis,” which addressed the enforcement of wildlife conservation laws. The symposium concluded with a presentation on conservation efforts being made in the face of climate change.

That same day, the Fordham International Law Journal held its symposium “On Thin Ice: Climate Change Action from an International Human Rights Perspective.” The keynote address was delivered by His Excellency Ahmed Sareer, the Ambassador of Maldives to the United States and the Permanent Representative of Maldives to the United Nations. Panels were held on the relationship between climate change and human rights law and wildlife conservation efforts.

On February 26, the Fordham Urban Law Journal held its annual symposium, which was co-sponsored by the Urban Law Center, the Fordham Art Law Society, and the Urban Studies Program at Fordham University. The conference, “Law, Urban Space, and the Future of Artistic Expression,” addressed topics from urban expression as cultural and intellectual property to metropolitan planning as a form of street art and development. Renowned graffiti artist Lady Pink, in her keynote address, spoke on the important role of street art in city environments.

The 19th Fordham Sports Law Symposium, “The Roles and Responsibilities of Lawyers in Professional Sports,” was held on April 1. The event included panels on the complexities of tax requirements for professional athletes, how the behavior and discipline of professional athletes can impact attitudes toward domestic violence, and the role fans can play in impacting ownership and league management.


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