Eric Holder’s ‘Shadow Justice Department’


Bruce Green was quoted in a Vice News article regarding Eric Holder’s corporate law firm and the Department of Justice.

Bruce Green, the director of the Stein Center for Law and Ethics at the Fordham University School of Law, told VICE News that as long as lawyers like Holder and Breuer stay away from specific cases where their previous government work would present a conflict of interest, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Green thinks it is highly unlikely that attorneys of that caliber would put themselves in legal or ethical gray zones — “Lawyers who care about their professional reputation aren’t going to entertain something like that,” he remarked — but he noted that because the firms are not required to disclose their current clients, potential conflicts of interest are essentially self-regulated.

“If you’re a former DOJ official now in private practice, there’s not going to be an ethical policeman sitting over your shoulder,” he said.

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