Firm Leaders with Big Plans


The Small to Midsize Firm Leaders Dean’s Advisory Council gathered on November 11 for its second meeting with Dean Matthew Dilller, faculty, and administrators to provide their advice and guidance on moving forward with the academic concentrations and preparing Fordham Law students with the necessary professional skills to be successful in small to midsize firm settings.

“This Council is an excellent example of the Fordham network in action,” said Diller. “That network is one of loyalty and support, one in which one generation of Fordham lawyers helps another. We are so grateful for your assistance and your leadership.”

After Dean Diller welcomed the group, Council Co-chair Laurie Berke-Weiss ’83 spoke about the continued importance of alumni providing expertise and guidance to Fordham Law students.

“There are significant opportunities for Fordham students in small and medium sized firms,” said Berke-Weiss. “The Advisory Council is ready to provide guidance to the Law School on how students can market themselves to this segment of the alumni community.”

In breakout discussions, members talked about how Fordham Law Alumni Association affinity groups can best serve alumni at small to midsize firms as well as how the Law School’s curriculum can best prepare students for practice.

Council members also heard from two third-year students, Morgan Manley ’16 and Adil Ahmed ’16, about their important work and experiences in Fordham Law’s clinics.

“It is incredibly important for us to continually engage with our alumni, and, in focused settings, what we gain from their advice and guidance is immeasurable and shapes our course of action,” said Assistant Dean for Career Planning Suzanne Endrizzi. “We are always overwhelmed by their dedication, loyalty, and support for the Law School and our students.”

William Savino ’74, Co-chair of the Council, reiterated in closing remarks the need for alumni support for the Council and the impact that it can have on future generations of Fordham lawyers.

“Laurie’s comments are right on target,” said Savino. “Fordham ever exercises its leadership in creating a culture at the Law School—with students, faculty, administrators, and alumni—that supports this simple proposition: to lead students so that they can deliver their best professional selves.”


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