Federal Rules of Evidence Manual, Eleventh Edition


Cited widely by courts and consulted regularly by thousands of attorneys across the nation, the Federal Rules of Evidence Manual (Matthew Bender), written by Professors Michael M. Martin and Daniel J. Capra (with Stephen A. Saltzburg), is the most concise and authoritative reference interpreting the federal rules. The casebook provides the complete and up-to-date text for each rule, a current explanation by experts on federal evidence rules, comprehensive descriptions of salient cases, and the relevant legislative history. The eleventh edition introduces detailed analysis of recent amendments to Federal Rules of Evidence 801 and 803 concerning hearsay. It also provides timely coverage of United States Supreme Court cases, such as 2014’s Warger v. Shauers (on Rule 606 and voir dire) and 2015’s Ohio v. Clark (on the Sixth Amendment’s Confrontation Clause), as well as an expanded discussion on authentication of electronic evidence. The manual also includes a reprint of Capra’s article “Case Law Divergence from the Federal Rules of Evidence.”


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