Racism In Medicine: An ‘Open Secret’


Professor Kimani Paul-Emile was quoted in a CNN article about medical doctors facing instances of racism from patients.

“I recently spoke to physicians at a major New York area medical center and found that roughly 40% of the physicians in attendance had experienced this themselves or knew someone who had been rejected by a patient based on race or ethnicity,” said Kimani Paul-Emile, an associate professor at Fordham University School of Law and associate director of the university’s Center on Race, Law and Justice, who was not involved in the new paper.
“Scenarios such as this are more common than one might think and occur at hospitals throughout the country,” she said of physician reassignments. “I call it one of medicine’s open secrets, because you would be hard-pressed to find a physician, particularly a physician of color, who hasn’t had this experience or who doesn’t know someone who has.”


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