WATCH: How Does the Electoral College Work?


Adjunct Professor Jerry H. Goldfeder appeared in a video in where he explains how the Electoral College works.


“In November everyone goes to the polls and votes not for President of United States but for electors pledged to a particular candidate. So people think that they are voting for the actual candidate, but they are really not.” said Goldfeder.

“All the electors meet this year on December 19th. They meet in their state capitals and those who have been elected whether they have been pledged to Donald Trump or pledged to Hillary Clinton, they will vote and that’s the actual Election Day here in the United States of America. So that’s how it works.” said Goldfeder. “It’s actually quite simple, although it’s pretty bizarre. Frankly we are the only country in the world that chooses a President in this indirect way”.


Watch full video.


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