The Fordham Archive of Scholarship and History (FLASH)


The Fordham Archive of Scholarship and History (FLASH)

FLASH: collects, organizes, preserves and makes widely accessible the intellectual output and documentary history of the Fordham University School of Law.

If you haven’t already looked at FLASH – please take this opportunity to explore the wealth of Fordham Law scholarship, and an amazing archival collection of Fordham Law School publications, photos and much, much, more.

The Maloney Library needs your help. Go into FLASH, click on Student Life and then Student Publications you find all the  digitized  Yearbooks and other student publications like the Advocate and Lexagram we could find.  But we would like to have a complete collection.  We have already scoured the other departments of the Law School for missing issues so now we appealing to you.

What are we missing?  Do you have a Yearbook or other student publication we have not digitized and made available?  Are you aware of any student publications we have missed?  Let us know. We would like to indicate any gaps in the collection.

Look through that box of old law school stuff and help us out!  We can digitize a treasured Yearbook without damaging it and then return it to you.  We would also accept print copies of items we are missing to add to our archives.

If you have anything to offer, or have any questions or suggestions, please contact Mary McKee, Deputy Director of the Maloney Library.


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