Between Borders


The Feerick Center has continued to lead the student body and broader Fordham Law School community in pro bono service to the CARA Family Detention Pro Bono Project, which represents asylum-seeking women and children in immigration detention in Dilley, Texas.

Bree Bernwanger, who directs the New York Unaccompanied Immigrant Children and Immigrant Families Project at the Feerick Center, spent August through December 2016 on loan to CARA, where she served as managing attorney. The Feerick Center also has continued to train and supervise Fordham Law School students and alumni on service trips to Dilley. In June and November 2016, the Feerick Center trained and led four Fordham Law alumni on service trips to Dilley. Another alumni service trip is planned for June 2017.

In August 2016, January 2017, and March 2017, the Feerick Center trained and led 31 Fordham Law students on service trips, in collaboration with the student-run Immigration Advocacy Project. While volunteering in Dilley, Fordham Law students and alumni spend 12-hour days in the detention center conducting know-your-rights presentations, preparing detained families for their legal proceedings, and documenting systemic due-process violations and substandard medical care.

Up until January 2017, every week, CARA volunteers, including the Feerick Center, served hundreds of families. While the numbers of individuals being detained have decreased since then, the need for access to counsel remains acute for those women and children who are in detention. Largely because of the legal services that pro bono volunteers provide, well over 90 percent of detained families succeed in their screening interviews and are released from detention to pursue their asylum claims in immigration court.

The Feerick Center salutes the alumni, staff, and students who have participated to date:

Emerson Argueta ’18 (March 2016, August 2016, January 2017)
Sarah Atlas ’19 (January 2017)
Eartha Jn. Baptiste ‘20 (March 2017)
Ruhi Behal ’19 (January 2017)
Bree Bernwanger, Feerick Center for Social Justice (December 2015, March 2016, June 2016, August 2016, CARA Managing Attorney, August–December 2016, January 2017, March 2017)
Jessie Boas ’19 (March 2017)
Margaret Byrne ’80 (November 2016)
Anita Carroll ’18 (January 2017)
David Crain ’19 (January 2017)
Joel Davidson ’75 (June 2016 Alumni Service Trip)
Katherine Demarti ’16 (March 2016)
Marcello Figueroa ‘20 (March 2017)
Travis Freeman ’17 (January 2017)
Gina Garcia ’18 (March 2017)
Frank Kearl ’18 (January 2017)
Sidney Lim ’18 (March 2016, January 2017)
Jeremy Hale ’18 (March 2016)
Sean Hallisey ’19 (January 2017)
Jessica Heymach ’19 (March 2017)
Lindsay Hao ’18 (March 2017)
Anthony Infantino ’18 (January 2017)
Miyoshie Lamothe-Aime ’19 (January 2017)
Alex Mintz ’18 (March 2016, January 2017)
Taylor Norton ’19 (March 2017)
Vikram Paul ’19 (January 2017)
Nicole E. Price ’19 (March 2017)
Sara Purvin ’16 (November 2017 Alumni Service Trip)
Jeremiah Quinlan ‘75 (June 2016, November 2016)
Elnaz Razavi ’17 (March 2017)
Andrea Rodriguez ’18 (January 2017)
Wilson Rosa ’18 (January 2017)
Johanna Sanders ’19 (January 2017)
Erin Shahinfar ’19 (March 2017)
Wilma Tamayo-Abreu, Feerick Center for Social Justice (June 2016 & November 2016 Alumni Service Trip)
Kathy Walter ’17 (January 2017)
Razeen Zaman ’16 (March 2016)


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