Did Donald Trump Jr. Break The Law? Two Legal Experts Weigh In


Professor Jed Shugerman discusses on PBS NewsHour whether Donald Trump Jr broke the law by meeting Russian lawyer.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Jed Shugerman, it is the case that the e-mail to Donald Trump Jr. said the Russian government wants to help your campaign.

JED SHUGERMAN: All of this is indicative or suggestive of what we might find out later.

I think if we carefully read the e-mails, I think it’s hard to make the leap that this is like a coordination. There’s indications there. I understand where Bob Bauer is coming from.

So, I think we have to be careful, though, because if you read the e-mail from a little bit of perspective of how could this be applied in the future and can we have line-drawing here, it’s hard to see where this e-mail doesn’t lead to some effect of applying this to any kind of contact between a government …

JED SHUGERMAN: Well, the word collusion is more of a political word than a legal word. There is no statute against collusion.

And — but I think the word we might turn to in the law is conspiracy. This is where we’re headed. I think there is a lot of other information that is coming out day by day that points to this conspiracy.

And we may have conspiracy. I think what we’re getting closer towards is a violation of 1986 law of computer hacking, because I think, if you look at the timing, there are just too many coincidences about what the Trump campaign was doing before and after this June 3 e-mail about President Trump himself.

I just — my point here is, I think we need to be careful in analyzing each step.

JED SHUGERMAN: I think there is evidence that’s pointing towards crimes, but I think we need to be careful when we make interpretations of these statutes.


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