Does Mueller’s Grand Jury Mean an Indictment Is Imminent?


Professor Jed Shugerman was quoted in a Politifact article about special counsel Robert Mueller selecting a grand jury for the Trump–Russia investigation.

There’s a number of other theories for Mueller’s move.

Some believe his grand jury was meant to make it easier to broaden the scope of his investigation beyond Flynn. Others say a Washington-based jury would be more sympathetic. Still others say Mueller simply wanted a grand jury closer to his team’s Washington office.

“Since the proceedings are secret, it is very hard to know which (if any) of these are correct,” said Jed Shugerman, a professor at Fordham Law School.


So what to make of the frenzied speculation in the Twitterverse about an indictment being issued any day now?


“I think people have overreacted to this news by thinking an indictment is imminent,” Shugerman said.


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