Matt Gold Talks NAFTA on CNN


Adjunct Professor Matt Gold was interviewed on CNN about NAFTA renegotiation under the Trump administration.

Donald Trump … left his credibility three exits back.

In the NAFTA renegotiation “by time we get to January/February, President Trump is going to be looking at an offer on the table that’s going to involve a series of changes and improvements.  But again, 92 to 95. That’s it. Not a change from a 30 to 100. And he’s going to have the option of agreeing to that, or not agreeing to that.  And, if he doesn’t agree to it, the whole thing will go on hold for a year for the Mexican elections, and he’ll be looking at the same option a year later….  And  the decision will be driven by Congressional Republicans. How would they rather run in the midterm elections?  Would they rather run with the completed deal that everyone is going to look at as a disappointment?  Or would they rather run with no deal in an environment where they didn’t get healthcare reform?  And, at that point, perhaps they wouldn’t even have tax reform. That’s going to drive the decision.


Watch full video.


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