What We Know About ISIS-Related Crimes In The U.S.


Karen Greenberg, director of Center on National Security appeared in a PBS NewsHour video where she discusses the center’s third annual report on ISIS prosecutions in the United States.


SREENIVASAN: One of the things that leapt out from the report is what, 78 percent of defendants are U.S. citizens.


SREENIVASAN: Sixty percent born in the U.S.

GREENBERG: Yes, yes. These are Americans. They’re American kids who grew up and have — make a decision at some point in their late adolescence, for the most part, that they — they want to engage in violence or that they are fantasizing about violence.

And many of them come to ISIS in their sort of wandering. Some of them tried to join militias first. Some of them tried to join the army first. You know, it’s different patterns.


Watch the full video.


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