EU Antitrust Official Defends Watchdog’s Economic Analysis


One of the Fordham Competition Law Institute’s annual international antitrust law and policy conference speakers, Director General Johannes Laitenberger, was featured in a Law360 article about his panel discussion on Intel Corp’s antitrust penalty case.

Speaking at Fordham University School of Law’s antitrust conference, Director General Johannes Laitenberger said the commission is still examining the European Court of Justice’s Sept. 6 ruling that sided with Intel in the chipmaker’s appeal of a €1.06 billion ($1.26 billion) antitrust penalty. The decision set aside a 2014 judgment by the European Union’s General Court upholding the fine, saying the court hadn’t properly considered the economic analysis conducted by the commission or Intel’s arguments against it.

Laitenberger wouldn’t directly address that aspect of the decision Friday, saying officials need more time to study it before reaching any conclusions, but said the commission performs these analyses regularly.

“The case work of the commission over the decades shows that we use economic analysis and that we look at economic impact on all fronts,” Laitenberger said at the conference. “We look at it in priority setting, and we look at it in the substantial assessment.”


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