Ahmed Abu Khattala, Benghazi Suspect, Set for Federal Criminal Court Trial


Karen Greenberg was quoted in a GOPUSA article about the trial of Ahmed Abu Khattala, the suspect behind the 2012 Benghazi attack.

With regard to Mr. Khattala’s case, investigators appear to have handled his separate interrogations in a two-tiered approach that the judge found acceptable, said Karen Greenberg, director of Fordham University School of Law’s Center on National Security.

“We’ve seen this in a much more troublesome way when it deals with torture,” she said, citing past terrorism investigations.

Because of the degree to which the Benghazi attack became political fodder, Ms. Greenberg said, the trial may serve an important role in putting the matter to rest.

“One of the important contributions of public trials is that they preset facts and create the narrative about events — whatever the crime is,” she said. “So you learn a tremendous amount about the people involved, the sequence of events. It really will be settling to the American people to have a narrative presented by the evidence admitted in court.”


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