Sorry, Cards Against Humanity Can’t Stop Trump’s Wall


Professor Nestor Davidson was quoted in Mashable about Cards Against Humanity purchasing land along the U.S.-Mexico border as a part of its campaign to block the US-Mexico border wall.

“I think it’s a stretch,” Nestor Davidson, the Chair in Real Estate, Land Use, and Property Law at Fordham University said about forwarding a defense that questioned the use of the land for public use. “The classic rationale is that if you want to make a road, you don’t want it zigging and zagging around people who don’t want to sell their property. You’ve had to have a straight highway for the larger public good and we give the government the power to take that land.”

Davidson admitted a successful defense comparing the border wall to the travel ban is improbable, but said it might stand a small chance, “if Cards Against Humanity could actually show that this really is all only about animus.”

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