Why Is Ty Cobb So Optimistic about the Mueller Probe?


Bruce Green was quoted in The Atlantic about special counsel Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation.

Certainly, the general antipathy to the Trump administration in many elite sectors, including the press, the legal establishment, and career government workers, is likely to mean that in the absence of reliable information from inside the Mueller probe, the people commenting on and reporting on the investigation will interpret new developments in ways that are unfavorable to the president. The possibility that Trump himself, and maybe also family members like Donald Trump Jr. and Jared Kushner, might escape the probe unscathed seems underpriced in the public discussion.


That said, there are reasons to doubt Cobb’s rosy perspective. The Post writes, “People close to the investigation, however, say a tidy and quick conclusion is unlikely, and would defy the pattern of most special counsel investigations in recent history.” In addition, outside legal experts say that despite Mueller’s speed so far, there’s little reason to think he’s close to wrapping up. Mueller has built a large team of high-flying lawyers, said Bruce Green, a professor at Fordham University’s School of Law who worked on the Iran-Contra investigation, and it’s hard to imagine he would have gathered that firepower and that they would have left their jobs if they didn’t expect a longer investigation with greater fireworks that what has come so far.

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