Lisa Marie Fernandez Claims Emily Ratajkowski Copied Two of Her Swimsuits


Susan Scafidi was quoted in a Business of Fashion article about registered design rights and intellectual property protection in the fashion industry.

“While it’s advisable for non-European designers to take advantage of registered design rights in Europe, the scope of those rights is limited,” said Susan Scafidi, professor of fashion law at Fordham Law School and founder of the Fashion Law Institute. “In other words, unfortunately for designers seeking to shore up the minimal intellectual property protections available for fashion in jurisdictions like the US, both protection and enforcement are country by country. Items that may infringe in one market can simply be diverted to another. In other words, global IP protection is like a patchwork quilt — and in the case of fashion designs, one with lots of holes.”

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This story was also published by Reality Tv World and United Press International.



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