Trump Admin Distorts Facts on Terrorism to Push Xenophobic Agenda


Karen Greenberg was quoted in a Carbonated.TV article about U.S.-born terror suspects.

The director of the Center on National Security at the Fordham University School of Law, Karen Greenberg, said the percentage of U.S.-born individuals indicted for terrorism is now 54 percent, which is far beyond the 27 percent conviction rate Trump administration touted in its report in a bid to obscure “the fact that the number of U.S.-born international terrorism defendants have doubled.”

“I think they are doing everything they can to justify the Muslim ban, and the unfortunate part of this is the backing away from the homegrown terrorist suspect … and how to prevent it,” she said. “And if you are born in another country and, 20 years later, you become a terrorist, whose fault is that — the country you were born in or the country you’ve lived in?”

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