Trump’s Attack on DACA: Part of a Larger War on Immigrants?


Karen Greenberg was quoted in a Salon article about the Justice Department’s recent report linking terrorism and immigration in the United States.

This was the week when the administration seriously ramped up its rhetoric against immigrants. Following Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ comments suggesting that too many immigrants are largely “illiterate in their own country” and possess “no skills” — the Department of Justice released a report on immigration and terrorism. In an ingenious sleight-of-hand, the report pointed out that “foreign-born” persons were responsible for three-quarters of international terrorism. When you think about it, foreign-born persons would be likely to commit international terrorism. The report was widely panned, with a national security expert saying it was “awfully thin.” “There’s almost no rhyme or reason to the things they choose to include or not include” Karen Greenberg told the Washington Post. “They don’t explain it.”

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