Leitner Human Rights Clinic Partners with Amnesty International Japan


Clinical Professor Chi Mgbako and Walter Leitner Human Rights Clinic students Hannah Ahern, Adela Hurtado, Lisa Matsue, Giselle Sedano, and Carolina van der Mensbrugghe recently traveled to Tokyo to formally present testimony from a white paper they had prepared to the Japanese Ministry of Justice on procedural reform recommendations for the treatment of death row prisoners.

The high-level meeting consisted of a formal presentation of the white paper by the clinic, official responses to each of the clinic’s recommendations by the Ministry of Justice and an extended Q&A session on the viability of potential reforms. Councillor Fukushima will be pursuing the Leitner Clinic proposals within the House of Councillors. The clinic, which is directed by Mgbako, continued its partnership with Amnesty International Japan by designing a gender equality education training, piloted in youth camps in December.


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