The Russiagate Intelligence Wars: What We Do and Don’t Know


Karen Greenberg was quoted The Nation about special counsel Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation.

In a parallel effort to release some of the classified information tied up in Russiagate, last week The New York Times filed an unprecedented lawsuit on February 5 with the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court seeking to unseal the secret documents compiled for the FISA court warrants

on Page. Will the Times succeed? “They’re hoping that given the weight of public opinion, and given its importance to the national narrative, that it’s possible,” says Karen Greenberg,

director of the Center on National Security at Fordham University’s School of Law. “But it’s a hard thing.” The Times’ case could go to the so-called FISA Court of Review, which has rarely met, and then perhaps to the Supreme Court. “It’s uncharted territory,” Greenberg says. And it’s another indicator of how difficult it is to get intelligence secrets into the public domain.

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