Washington’s Fight Over Taxes Is Only Beginning


Visiting Professor Rebecca Kysar was quoted in a New York Times article about the GOP’s tax reform bill.

That tax battle is a byproduct of America’s polarized political climate and of the go-it-alone choices Republicans made to speed the 2017 law through Congress in less than two months.

It is already complicating tax planning for companies and workers around the country, particularly in high-tax states like New York, Maryland and California, where lawmakers are actively pursuing workarounds for some provisions of the new federal law that limit state and local income and property tax deductions.

It’s only going to get messier.

“This legal regime is very unstable; Congress has created many, many problems,” both in the substance of the bill and the exclusion of Democrats in enacting it, said Rebecca Kysar, …. “All of those dynamics are going to make for a very uncertain landscape going forward.”

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