Carnegie Mellon Researchers Create an AI to Help Us Make Sense of Privacy Policies


Professor Joel Reidenberg and Adjunct Professor of Law N. Cameron Russell were mentioned in a Eurek Alert article about a project on privacy policies that they helped put together.

If you’re anything like the average Internet user, you probably didn’t spend the estimated 244 hours it would take to read every privacy policy for every website you visited last year. That’s exactly why a team led by Carnegie Mellon University just launched an interactive website aimed at helping users make sense of their privacy on the web.

The team used artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to crawl 7,000 of the most popular websites’ privacy policies and identify those that contain language about data collection and use, third-party sharing, data retention, and user choice, among other privacy issues. The project website enables people to navigate machine-annotated privacy policies and jump directly to statements of interest to them, including those often buried deep in the text of privacy policies.

Key contributors in the effort to automatically annotate privacy policies include … Fordham University Law Professor Joel Reidenberg, [and]Fordham Adjunct Professor of Law N. Cameron Russell…

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