Prosecutor Brings Experience to Schneiderman Inquiry


Fordham Law alumna Madeline Singas ’91, district attorney of Nassau County, was featured in a New York Times article about her appointment by Governor Andrew Cuomo to investigate Eric Schneiderman, New York’s former attorney general.

When Madeline Singas, then the acting Nassau County district attorney, was campaigning to keep the top job in 2015, her message to Long Island voters was clear: She was a career prosecutor, not a politician.


Now, Ms. Singas has been thrust onto the national stage as the prosecutor appointed to investigate Eric T. Schneiderman, the state’s former attorney general accused of physically assaulting four women with whom he was romantically involved.


In naming her, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo noted Ms. Singas’s history of prosecuting sex crimes. “She’s extremely competent in this area,” Mr. Cuomo said on Thursday during a news conference at his downtown Manhattan office. And then he noted her gender: “So qualifications first and she’s a woman. The victims in this case are women. To the extent that winds up an asset, fine, but that wasn’t the basis of the selection either.”

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