Fordham Law’s clerkship program has turned out a bevy of superstars.

A judge, like any good sports coach, needs a solid roster of team player—deputies, assistants, administrative staff, officers, and clerks—to keep chambers in order and the courtroom running smoothly. For over 40 years, Fordham Law’s clerkship program has supplied federal and state court judges with a steady pool of talent that would make any scout pay closer attention. Already stars when they begin their clerkships, these Fordham Law alumni come out of the experience as major players in the legal profession.

Susan S. Jang ’12

I started to realize what an opportunity clerking was, to see everything that happens behind the scenes and what happens in the courtroom. … Clerking was the best experience ever.

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Michael Hardin ’14

My clerking experience helps the students I coach present a more realistic-looking trial, with a more correct application of the Federal Rules of Evidence.

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Lindsey Keenan ’13

Professor Capra works so hard and diligently on behalf of Fordham students. I don’t think I would have secured my first clerkship or this current clerkship without his help.

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Ankur N. Patel ’10

If you’ve just graduated law school, the fact you want to spend one year clerking before your corporate career is not going to hinder your career. It’s an extra year to develop skills that, when you go to a firm, will make them see you as a more functional associate.

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Pamela K. Terry ’13

For any applicant, it’s important to convey that you are hardworking and thoughtful and you would be an asset to the judge’s chambers because of your research and writing skills.

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Alexandra N. Rothman ’12

There are few experiences as special as spending a year in judge’s chambers, wherever that may be.

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Adam Rodriguez ’07

You learn to know your audience, which is a common-sense thing, because as clerks you are drafting opinions that decide matters. If you want to be a litigator, there’s no better training than through clerking.

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Seth Fiur ’13

Working with the judges and having gained those insights makes me a significantly better lawyer than I would have otherwise been.

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Martha Leibell ’10

I can’t overstate how much I learned from Judge Preska.

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Brandon Ruben ’16

I hope these experiences allow me to be a zealous advocate, a civic actor who is able to understand a variety and multiplicity of positions, and someone who is able to move the discourse … toward the possibility of mutual understanding.

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Genevieve Hanft ’12

The clerkships have prepared me to be a better associate, and my time as an associate has prepared me to be a better clerk.

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Philip V. Tisne ’07

People often focus on seeing trials and writing motions, but mentorship is the aspect that is most important. I was immensely lucky to receive mentorship from two fantastic judges.

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Amy Torres ’18

I’m excited to focus on the law all the time, as opposed to constantly shifting gears, and to have an opportunity to strengthen my legal skills.

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