Trump’s FBI Attacks Divide Bureau’s Longtime Critics


Karen Greenberg was quoted in a Politico article about the recent conflict between President Trump and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Recently President Trump claimed that the FBI planted a spy in his campaign.

As Democrats and Republicans feud over Trump’s unfounded claim that the FBI planted a spy in his campaign, a parallel debate is underway amid activists, lawyers and experts who battle government encroachment on individual rights.

“What’s wrong for the goose is wrong for the gander,” said Fordham University Law School’s Karen Greenberg, who tracks the FBI’s use of informants in terrorism sting operations that she argues often concoct crimes rather than uncovering them. “This is the FBI’s way of doing business — and not just in terrorism cases.”

Longtime FBI critics like Greenberg agree that virtually any added scrutiny of the FBI is welcome. But they fear Trump is simply trying to divert attention — and even to confound liberals.

“People who are on the civil liberties side of things are caught up in a kind of no-man’s land, and that’s intentional,” Greenberg said. “I wonder: Is there a kind of brilliance to what he’s done to try to divide us?”

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