Kate Spade Started with a Simple Wish: An Unfussy Handbag


Susan Scafidi was quoted in a CBS News article about Kate Spade and her creative designs.

“Kate Spade understood the power of fashion to create joy and celebrate femininity,” recalled Susan Scafidi, founder and academic director at the Fashion Law Institute at Fordham University. “Her original handbags came along at a time when minimalism and the industrial aesthetic of the black Prada nylon backpack were in vogue, and she changed the game with her bright, whimsical, comparatively affordable creations.”

“There was a time in the late 1990s and early 2000s when everyone seemed to be carrying a Kate Spade bag — or a Canal Street counterfeit,” recalled Scafidi. “I remember once buying a generic handbag from a dodgy vendor and then being offered a selection of labels that could be hot-glued to it on the spot, Kate Spade prominently among them.”

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