Charged Straight into a Trade War


Adjunct Professor Matt Gold was quoted in a article about current trade policies under the Trump administration.

Trump’s tariffs against the EU–and the EU’s swipe back with its own trade measures—have inspired one company to take a drive into the sunset. Harley-Davidson announced Monday that it will move at least some of its production for the EU market out of the U.S. due to EU’s retaliatory tariffs. With more and more tariffs raised against the U.S. (from beyond just Europe), will other companies and their in-house counsel soon be considering cross-border moves as well?

Matt Gold, an adjunct professor at Fordham University School of Law, who teaches international trade law and provides consulting services to businesses around trade, told me Harley’s departure won’t be the last.

“Until now, U.S. producers have taken a wait-and-see posture,” Gold wrote in an email. “But, Mr. Trump has charged straight into a trade war leaving no exits except other countries capitulating in the face of his WTO-illegal actions, which was never going to happen. As more of our manufacturers realize that, they’ll be looking to move more U.S. production overseas.”

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