Will Abortion Laws in the U.S. Change? Anthony Kennedy Retiring Opens a Can of Worms, Experts Say


Clare Huntington was quoted in a Bustle article about the potential impact of Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement from the Supreme Court.

Justice Anthony Kennedy’s decision to leave the Supreme Court means a lot more for women than you might think. Soon after he announced his impending retirement on Wednesday, pro-choice groups sprung into action, vowing to do everything possible to protect Roe v. Wade. With President Trump poised to pick an anti-abortion nominee to replace Kennedy, what is the actual likelihood that abortion laws in the U.S. will change?

Fordham law professor Clare Huntington calls it “a bedrock principle of our law.”

“[It’s] the idea that when something’s decided — for a constitutional decision, especially — you don’t revisit it,” Huntington tells Bustle. “That’s not a conservative principle, that’s a fundamental legal principle. But it is certainly something that conservatives feel very strongly about.”

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