Fordham Entrepreneurial Law Clinic Launches Podcast


Fordham Law’s Entrepreneurial Law Clinic has launched a podcast, Startup LAWnchpad, which will help familiarize entrepreneurs and businesspeople with the legal issues they need to be aware of as they get their companies up and running.

Episodes of Startup LAWnchpad will feature Fordham Law professors, alumni, and students discussing various legal topics related to entrepreneurship, including founders’ agreements, entity formation, IP protection, seed financing, employment law, and privacy policies.

“We hope that Startup LAWnchpad will be an accessible and valuable resource that empowers burgeoning entrepreneurs,” said Bernice Grant, senior director of the School’s entrepreneurial law program. “Having an understanding of relevant legal issues can help entrepreneurs develop a strong foundation for their business, achieve their business goals, and protect themselves from liability. Entrepreneurs have access to many podcasts about launching a business, but those podcasts rarely address legal issues. This innovative podcast fills that gap.”

The podcast will kick off with a case study of an entrepreneurial venture: ConBody, a prison-style physical fitness program founded by Coss Marte.

Subscribe to Startup LAWnchpad through iTunes.

The Nasdaq Educational Foundation and Fordham Law’s Entrepreneurial Law Advisory Council have provided generous support for the Entrepreneurial Law Clinic.


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