The Children of Yemen Cannot Wait


The Women’s Project at the Center on National Security at Fordham Law wrote a memo on the current war and humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

Yemen is currently suffering from the worst and most complex humanitarian crisis of today.

Almost 80 percent of the population is now in dire need of humanitarian assistance. According to

reporting by UNICEF, children have been the primary victims of the conflict. Thousands of

civilians, including more than 5,000 children, have died or been injured as a result of the ongoing

bombing campaign by the Saudi-led coalition against the Houthis. The children are suffering

from famine that is engulfing the country as the coalition’s bombing campaign has blocked

access to basic human needs like food, water, healthcare and education. While the United States

has taken steps in recent days to reign in its support of the coalition, these efforts stop short of

ensuring an end to violence and suffering. A failure to address the urgent needs and protect the

children of Yemen will not just be a moral stain on the United States and the international

community but will have long-term, irretrievable consequences for the future.

The United States is in the crosshairs of this war via its support of the coalition forces in Yemen.

The U.S. now has a moral obligation to address the human suffering the war is taking on the

children of Yemen.

Read full memo.


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