If Manafort Is Counting on a Pardon, He Shouldn’t


Jed Shugerman was quoted in a Washington Post article about the possibility of President Trump pardoning former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort.

“If a president sold pardons for money, the president would be guilty of bribery. If a president sold nominations for money, he would be guilty of bribery,” wrote Fordham law professor Jed Shugerman in March. “So, too, if the president offered pardons in order to corruptly obstruct justice, that would be a felony.” He continued: “Those who say the president is immune for his official acts are essentially saying the president is uniquely above the law, that he should be held to a different standard from other officials who take bribes, buy off witnesses with public goods, or obstruct justice. That view is inconsistent with our democratic and republican notions of law.”

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