Mueller Indictment’s Movie Reference Shows That Roger Stone is No ‘Godfather’


Adjunct Professor Joel Cohen co-authored an op-ed in Law and Crime regarding Roger Stone’s indictment in special counsel Robert Mueller’s Trump-Russia investigation.

Roger Stone was arraigned on Tuesday. After he was arrested last week, he presented himself on the courthouse steps as a conquering hero. Does he have any idea what’s really in store for him?

It’s rare that a federal indictment – particularly one criminally charging an associate of the president of the United States – directly invokes a Godfather movie character. But then again, how often do we see headlines such as “President Trump Brings Mafia Ethics to the GOP” or “Donald Trump’s Mafia Mind-Set”? And now, Roger Stone, the latest Trump-related (alleged) obstructionist to face Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s steamroller, didn’t really leave a comparison to chance.

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