Chinese tech companies don’t want to hire employees over 30 years of age


Visiting scholar, Lu Jun was quoted in article from Packt that looks into the issue of ageism in the work culture of China’s tech industry.

Ageism within tech firms is at its peak in China and is taking a toll over its employees, as they are forced to move out of the industry. Banjo states that the “30+ middle-age crisis”,  is rife in China. For instance, close to three-quarters of tech workers in China are below thirty in age and the employers further promote this concept.

Moreover, although China has national laws that prohibit discrimination based on gender, religion, and disability, there are no laws based on declining someone an offer based on his/her age. “Age-dismissal victims rarely ask for help from lawyers,” says Lu Jun, a social activist and visiting scholar at Fordham University School of Law. But there are some who have fought against the ageism policy.

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