When Algorithms Control Justice, Who Can Check The Math?


A Fordham Law Review article by Drexel University law professor Hannah Bloch-Wehba was cited in an article published in Law360 about the use of algorithms in the civil justice system.

According to a forthcoming Fordham Law Review article by Drexel University law professor Hannah Bloch-Wehba, the uneven success and application of lawsuits demonstrates that the best way to ensure transparency is legislation, not litigation.

Her paper, “Access to Algorithms,” calls on transparency advocates to consider not just affected individuals but rather “the affected public.”

“The people who are directly affected by these kinds of tools — whether it’s risk assessment or Medicaid or predictive policing — are not always going to be in a position to seek access to information about how they function,” she told Law360, citing barriers like legal representation and time constraints.

“Even if individuals do decide to challenge, the tools themselves are being used in ways that affect broad populations of people,” Bloch-Wehba added.

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