Call for Papers: Fordham Journal of Corporate and Financial Law


JCFL Volume XXV Call for Submissions

The Fordham Journal of Corporate & Financial Law is now accepting submissions for its 2019-2020 issues!  As one of the premier student-edited business law journals in the country, the Journal ranks as the single most-cited specialty journal in banking and finance, and among the top-ten specialty journals in corporations and associations. Academic journals, the financial press, and the U.S. Supreme Court have cited the Journal
The Journal welcomes articles and essays addressing important issues in banking, bankruptcy, corporate governance, capital markets, finance, mergers and acquisitions, securities, and tax law and practice. Text and footnotes should conform to The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation (20th ed. 2015). Please include a resume. 

For early consideration in our first issue for 2019-2020, kindly send your submission before Sunday, July 14, 2019, by visiting our Journal Profile or by emailing it to

For questions contact Eddie Cando, Senior Articles Editor, at


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