Become a 1L House Mentor


Become a 1L House Mentor
On behalf of the FLAA (Fordham Law Alumni Association) and 1L Mentorship Chair Greg Xethalis ’05, we invite you to join the 1L Mentor House Liaison Program. Our goal is to find a diverse pool of alumni mentors, be it gender, ethnicity, geographical location, and professional practice (small firm, big firm, public interest, government, business, etc.).

We hope that the program will provide a number of benefits to everyone involved.  Most importantly, it will provide students the opportunity to seek advice from practicing attorneys and professionals. We also expect students to seek advice concerning any number of areas related to law school and the legal industry. These may include strategies for succeeding as a 1L, questions regarding extracurricular activities (e.g. journals and moot court), and advice regarding professionalism and interviewing.  No matter what concerns they have about law school and becoming a lawyer, we want students to know that the FLAA and its alumni are there to support them throughout their three or four years at Fordham.

This year, Fordham will be rolling out a new “House System” for the incoming 1L class.  All students will be affiliated with one of four houses for the day students (comprised of all students in their double section) and a fifth house for the part-time/evening division students, which they will affiliate with during their time here at Fordham and beyond.  Each house will be assigned a faculty house leader; designated liaisons in the Career Planning Center, Public Interest Resource Center, Student Affairs Office, and Library; house faculty; alumni mentors; and upper-year student advisors. The goal is to create a smaller community within the law school that will allow all 1Ls to build closer relationships with members of the faculty, alumni, and upper-year students, and to foster stronger connections with career planning, student affairs, and the work of our various centers and institutes.

If you are interested in being a 1L Mentor, please fill out this form as soon as possible so that we can begin to collect information for the House Directory students will receive prior to their orientation.


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