US-China Trade Talks Resume Amid Diplomatic Tension


Professor Matt Gold was featured in a BBC News article and appeared on BBC World News with Rico Hizon to discuss the ongoing trade dispute between China and the U.S.

This week the US government blacklisted 28 Chinese entities it said were “implicated” in human rights abuses.

The US also imposed additional visa restrictions for Chinese government officials.

Without progress, the US plans to raise tariffs on $250bn worth of Chinese goods from 25% to 30% next Tuesday.

As the first day came to a close, US President Donald Trump said the talks had gone well. He is expected to meet with Vice Premier Liu He on Friday.

But the recent diplomatic disagreement could complicate the negotiations.

Although many of the blacklisted entities are government security bureaus, the eight companies named include some of China’s leaders in artificial intelligence.

Former Deputy Assistant US Trade Representative Matt Gold said that if the talks went well, China might make additional agricultural purchases and the US might push back its planned tariff hike.

But he said neither Chinese President Xi Jinping nor US President Donald Trump seem to think ending their trade dispute is urgent.

For Mr Trump, it is an issue he can use in the upcoming Presidential election, while for Mr Xi, it’s a waiting game, Mr Gold said.

“He wants to see Donald Trump fail and he’s willing to dig in his heels to make it happen.”

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