Latest Fordham Law Review Issue Focuses on the Reprogramming of Law


How technology is changing the legal landscape is the question at the center of the latest Fordham Law Review issue published earlier this month. As Professor Deborah Denno writes in the issue’s forward, “Artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics are no longer the products of science fiction. AI is used by millions of people every day, from hedge fund managers to health-care professionals and even consumers of personalized assistants like Siri, Cortana, and Alexa.”

The issue examines discriminatory targeting practices, regulatory and ethical challenges, and uncontrolled bias involved with artificial intelligence systems and how this will affect a myriad of industries as well as our individual civic and private lives. Also featured in the issue, is an overview of Rise of the Machines: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and the Reprogramming of Law, a symposium hosted by the Fordham Law Review and cosponsored by the Fordham Law School’s Neuroscience and Law Center that took place earlier this year. The conference brought together attorneys, neuroscientists, and technologists, to explore current and near-future developments in robotics, artificial intelligence, law, and policy.

Read the complete November 2019 | Vol. 88, No. 2 issue.


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