K&L Gates Partner Elisa D’Amico: Working at the Intersection of Marketing, Technology and Law


Elisa D’Amico ’06 was featured in an article for Law.com’s Daily Business Review, highlighting her career achievements that blend her skills in marketing and technology with her passion for law.

K&L Gates partner Elisa D’Amico loves marketing. She is fascinated by visual arts and the creativity of a successful guerrilla marketing campaign. If not for the recession that hit right before she graduated from Cornell University as a marketing major, she would have taken a job at a marketing firm and would never have gone to law school.

Instead, she’s found a way to leverage her knack for promotion throughout her law career as she climbed from a night-school law student to a Big Law partner.

D’Amico’s dive into the intersection of the internet and law, which would later develop into her practice, came when she began representing a company that was the target of an attorney general investigation. D’Amico took a particular interest in her client’s affiliate marketing subsidiary and the implications it carried both in internet law and marketing.

Today, D’Amico primarily works with business and nonprofits to craft public relations and legal strategies to respond to digital crises that pose a threat to a company’s online brand, such as impostor accounts and astroturfing campaigns. The practice marries the roles of business adviser and legal counsel — a hybrid function D’Amico said clients are increasingly asking for.

“Clients want somebody that speaks their language and really comprehends them and becomes a real confidant,” D’Amico said. “Rather than some lawyer on the other side of the phone.”

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