Intellectual Property and Information Law Clinic Celebrates its 10th Anniversary


IPIL Clinic alumni reminisced about how much they enjoyed working with their clients and how it was one of their favorite parts of law school. IPIL clinic alumni are, from left to right: Chawick Boswell ’16, Prof. Ron Lazebnik, Mazwell Friedman ’17, Nora Choueiri ’14, and Erica Palaia ’14. The Clinic, directed by Ron Lazebnik, was originally started up and funded by a grant from Pamela Samuelson and Robert Glushko, who have funded similar clinics across the country.  The Dean gave a brief history of the Clinic and remarked that without the help of Joel Reidenberg and Fordham Adjunct Professor Tom Halket, this clinic could not have happened. Pam Samuelson said, “The idea of technology law clinics was a novelty 20 years ago, but the idea has caught on at many law schools, including Fordham.  It offers students an opportunity to learn more about this dynamic field and to grow into the roles they will be playing as lawyers.”


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