Is a Supermarket Discount Coupon Worth Giving Away Your Privacy?


Professor Joel Reidenberg was quoted in a Los Angeles Times article discussing the Ralphs supermarket chain’s disclosure of its comprehensive customer data collection.

Most large companies doing business in California are required by the state’s new privacy law to disclose what they know about customers and how that information is used.

This resulted in fairly straightforward announcements by many businesses.

Then there’s Ralphs, the supermarket chain owned by Kroger.

Customers recently encountered a form at stores spelling out information that may be collected when joining the company’s Ralphs Rewards loyalty program.

“This is one of the most intrusive data-gathering programs I’ve ever seen from a supermarket,” said Joel Reidenberg, who teaches information-technology law at Fordham University. “It’s an extraordinary amount of surveillance.”

He added: “This illustrates why the California privacy law is so important.”

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