The Prices and Prizes of Becoming Dual-Qualified


LL.M. graduate Amber Melville-Brown ’17 wrote an article for Britain’s The Times on her experience earning her LL.M. degree and its value.

What is better than being a lawyer? Being twice the lawyer that you once were — or more accurately, becoming a dual-qualified lawyer.

Consider the benefits: seamless advice across jurisdictions; multiple legal options to serve clients; and more clients to serve. Consider the disadvantages: pressing pause on your current professional life; significant costs; and the worst of the lot — exams.

Admitted as a solicitor in England and Wales in 1995, I have bags of experience as a media lawyer. But keen to serve an international clientele, I have also bagged myself admittance as a New York attorney.

How difficult is it to convert — and is the journey worth the destination?

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