The Right Thing To Do


William Treanor, former dean of Fordham Law School, reviewed That Further Shore: A Memoir of Irish Roots and American Promise, a memoir by Dean Emeritus and Norris Professor of Law John D. Feerick ’61.

John Feerick has had one of the most remarkable legal careers of our time, dizzying in its scope and achievement. He is both the drafter of a constitutional amendment and a central figure in one of the most famous chapters in the history of basketball. He played an important role in building a great law firm, and he served for two decades as one of the nation’s most revered law school deans. He is a beloved teacher and an acclaimed scholar, a fighter for reform in both New York City and State, a leader of the Bar, a champion of peace in Northern Ireland, an important lay figure in the Catholic Church in New York, and a crusader for the most vulnerable in our society. And he has now produced a capstone: an autobiography that, at this most terrible time, gives us an opportunity to reflect on how to live a life and what truly matters.

Deciding what the right thing to do—and then doing it—has been the guiding principle of John’s career.

Of course, “That Further Shore” is not a book of moral philosophy. It is the story of a life, a classic American story.

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