‘Find a Footing in This New World’


Dean Matthew Diller‘s opening address for Fordham Law’s Virtual Diploma Ceremony was published in New York Law Journal.

Despite these extremely difficult and challenging circumstances, it is important that we take the time to celebrate your achievements and your accomplishments—everything that you have done at Fordham Law School that has led you to this moment.

You are graduating from law school at a truly unique time in history.

The coronavirus outbreak has transformed the way we live … the way we interact … and, of course, how we teach and how we learn.

We see that resilience again in this crisis, from the commitment we are all making to social distancing and taking care of our loved ones to the bravery of frontline health professionals. I am particularly struck by our community’s resilience … the resolve of our faculty to find creative ways of teaching … and also your resourcefulness in coping with this upheaval. In addition, I am particularly proud and touched by the way so many of you have turned your attention toward those who need our help more than ever before.

It might be hard to imagine the other side of this pandemic—to see past the horizon—but when this crisis ends, there will be many new and urgent needs. But undoubtedly there will also be new opportunities as the experience changes our society, economy and culture on a long-term basis. Your challenge will be to find a footing in this new world.

Read Dean Diller’s remarks.


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