Lawyers Create Task Force to Help Journalists and Politicians Monitor Presidential Race


Adjunct Professor Jerry Goldfeder will chair a New York State Bar Association task force aimed at helping local politicians and journalists make sense of issues that may arise in the coming presidential election and after. Professor Jed Shugerman will also be a member of the task force.

With so much focus being placed on the fairness of the upcoming presidential election, the New York State Bar Association has decided to create a task force designed to help local politicians and journalists make sense of election-related issues that may arise.

To do this, the NYSBA has created a task force of scholars led by election lawyer Jerry Goldfeder to advise attorneys, journalists, politicians and members of the public on issues related to the election that may arise.

The task force will feature eight members and will focus on constitutional and statutory provisions that govern the election process and potential challenges that will arise with the expected high-volume of mail-in ballots. They expect potential issues involving disputes over the Electoral College, how Congress must count votes, and procedures in place that must be followed on Election Day.

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