Will Doug Evans Face Accountability?


Professor Bruce Green shared his expert with APM Reports on prosecutor accountability specifically in cases where the verdict is overturned.

Criminal justice experts say there’s no one reform that can hold prosecutors to account.

“It takes a lot of things,” said Bruce Green, a Fordham Law School professor and former prosecutor. “It takes trial judges to do their job and inquire into cases where the prosecutors might not be acting properly. It requires disciplinary authorities to be more robust. It requires legislators to look at the law. It requires elected prosecutors to conform to their ethical obligations. And it requires the press to look into what [prosecutors]are doing and write articles about prosecutors who look like they’re going astray.”

It was only after Flowers’ case received national media attention and was reviewed by the Supreme Court that Evans finally agreed to surrender the case. Green said more scrutiny has and will continue to lead to more accountability. “As long as the public cares, things are going to move in a positive direction,” Green said. “If you take the long view, things get better.”

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